Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This post is specially dedicated to the tow gals who were ONCE a fatty and chubby bum bum gal.... SUZZANE and PRISCILLA!

alrite...guess who is this?? heheh

this is none other than our MYVI LADY DRIVER SUZZANE! lol erhem... UNBELIEVABLE wei... her photo during primary school...^^

WARNING: Orang yang mempunyai penyakit jantung dan penyakit lain dinasihat untuk TAKE CARE OF URSELF AT UR OWN RISK... ANda mungkin akan Pengsan atau ketawa sehingga TAHI keluar...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I show u....


COMPARISON... ( History of the EVIL TWIN sisters)

during Secondary school.... they became like this.. :

Talk no evil... hear no evil... See no evil... BUt Pris her ownselve is the EVIL.... WAHBIANG eh!!

Spot Suzzane.... To be honest... she really did slim down a lot...yea.. aLOT!!! hehe maybe it is because the POWER OF LOVE?? who *blek

Alrite...NExt... we have.... photos of them when they went into COLLEGE

erhem... still chubby for that time..hehe i can imagine... if KH keep on making foods for her....and treat her with nice foods...i can imagine the 75 KG punya Priscilla!! FUIYOH!!!

ok la... now become very LENG LUI di both of them.... hehe but BEWARE!!!!

PS: Pris Will BITE you... Attack u and ZAT you whenever and wherever she wants...haha so mind at ur own risk... I KENA BITE di... *SOB SOB... ( but maybe its a good thing rite?? bite off my FATS LOL )

and for suzzane... FINALLY.. I FOUND HER WEAKNESS di... erhem... i will remain it as secret... LOL





lawethan said...

ZW join de club mah
send me ur photo now,
den send me another 5 years later.

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